Sunday, June 29, 2008

I am finding it extremely difficult..........

I am finding it extremely difficult to procure all papers relating to different subjects. I am trying my best to look into the old records and to place the relavent data on the blog so that the next generations may make use of the subjects if found viable.

International Understanding - Tourism to cover balance of payments

I did receive my Diploma in United Nations International Understanding with specialization on World Bank during 1970 or so. Perhaps, I was the only from India who got qualified for such a work. I did not come across any one later in my life who got qualified for such diploma work and I do not know whether the Institute from Geneva continued or otherwise. Anyway, I consider this as an achievement in my life though it was of no use practically in any manner.
I requested the National leaders to concentrate on Tourism and my subject on "Tourism to Cover the Balance of Payments" was highlighted in the papers but I do not know what took place later. Tourism is one such which helps us to develop internally while helping us to generate foreign exchange on account of visitors. This particular subject I thought would help our Hotel Industry, transportation Industry and so. The adverse balance of payments position was a real headache of those days for the Nation.

In the later days I still tried

In due course of time, since my papers did not catch the Nations eye (Internationally it was an accepted subject and the subject was well received by European countries) I had placed the papers before another leaders of the country and I received one acknowledgement.
It is preserved sacredly since it looked like an unusual letter from a leader of the country

Some thought provoking ideas during 1980s etc

I could produce some of the papers which I could retain with great difficulty for the past 25 years or so. The documentary subject papers prepared by me on my typewriter way back in 1982 and onwards are now quite old and the hand written papers did not give proper photo impression for presentation in this blog. Any way the subject is outdated and it makes no sense in presentation of all documents now. Only thing is that, such subjects would have surely brought laurells to the country, but then, we missed opportunities. It may be that I am a small individual, may be I had no such reputation for my papers to catch the eyes of the Nation either thro media or otherwise, may be my subject was considered useless in those days, and may be there are many such reasons. Some feeling ----I could not still much done to the Nation and to the People of our country had there been some one seriously on these issues. But ........?

Now ......................... no regrets !

Saturday, June 28, 2008

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Astrology and Common Currency

I was quite fond of travel since my childhood days. On account of this I have gathered the travel information brochers from different countries. It was the day of Franc, US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Rouble, Yen etc. Rupee was not at all given any importance. I felt uneasy when I found that "Rupee" was given the possible least value, even when compared to Srilankan Currency etc. I seriously thought where there would be any day where our Country's Currency is respected by one and all globally. It looked like a foolish idea in those days. I studied the fate of India out of my curiocity and surprisingly I found one famous astrologist speaking high of India from 2009 or so.
Then I thought of creating a non controversial currency keeping in view of Indian Rupee and push the matter to the Globe where all countries could discuss and decide upon. I was a small man and then it was a question for me as to how I should tackle the situation. Lot many topics were initially drafted at my house on my own typewriter and copies were taken once again thro typing since there was no xerox machine etc in those days.