Sunday, June 29, 2008

International Understanding - Tourism to cover balance of payments

I did receive my Diploma in United Nations International Understanding with specialization on World Bank during 1970 or so. Perhaps, I was the only from India who got qualified for such a work. I did not come across any one later in my life who got qualified for such diploma work and I do not know whether the Institute from Geneva continued or otherwise. Anyway, I consider this as an achievement in my life though it was of no use practically in any manner.
I requested the National leaders to concentrate on Tourism and my subject on "Tourism to Cover the Balance of Payments" was highlighted in the papers but I do not know what took place later. Tourism is one such which helps us to develop internally while helping us to generate foreign exchange on account of visitors. This particular subject I thought would help our Hotel Industry, transportation Industry and so. The adverse balance of payments position was a real headache of those days for the Nation.

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