Thursday, July 18, 2013

Common Universally Acceptable Paper Curreny

This paper is dated back to 6th June 1984 - roughly 30 years ago. I could trace out the paper from my records. This indicates the program paper "Common Universal Currency" which I desired to Present to the University of Economic Sciences Berlin to its XXI International Economic Seminar. As I was an employee of Syndicate Bank, I submitted the paper through proper channel - via Branch Manager, Syndicate Bank, Vijayawada Main Branch, to The Chairman and Managing Director of Syndicate Bank, Manipal who actually has to permit me to participate. Information relating to sending of Telex messages seeking permission etc are all on record. This paper is incidentally traced in its very bad shape and the same paper "as it is" was scanned and placed in these columns for the readers. It is a fact, lot of pains were taken personally, besides spending huge amounts - many a times typing the paper on a simple type writer when the facility of xerox was non existent in those days. Repeatedly typing to take out copies was a serious strenuous job. Energy was spent; anxiety to do something to the Nation made me to shoulder the financial responsibility and strain ---individually. I have nothing to repent at this stage. Perhaps Lord might have found better persons than me to do the job. Let me trust "the path of the duty is the way to glory" - I did my duty during yester years, now and forever in the days to come till--------FINAL BREATH. It becomes immaterial for me whether someone recognizes the effort, my aim is only that whether the concept has touched the bottom and whether there are any beneficiaries out of it. I shall always feel proud if I could be of help to any single individual - a fellow human being; to my society; to my nation.

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